Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Covenants by Lorna Freeman

Covenants (Borderlands, #1)Covenants by Lorna Freeman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Particulars: High Fantasy,Roc, available both in print and e-book

Why was it in my TBR? Cause I wanted to update this review

The Review:

The blurb:

Rabbit is a trooper on the Border Guards, just another body in the King's army. But when his patrol encounters a Faena-one of the magical guardians of an uneasy ally-Rabbit is thrust into a political and magical intrigue that could start a war. Because Rabbit isn't just another trooper. He is the son of nobility-and a mage who doesn't know his own power...

My impressions:

Lorna Freeman have created a riveting story, filled with unique characters. She is walking a narrow line, since the characters could easily have become flat. She manage to avoid it with a riveting combination of humor and secrets. The humor makes the characters real, and the secrets shows their flaws. That’s one thing I love with this book. Everyone have secrets. As the secrets are revealed, the dynamic between the characters change. Together the vivid worldbuilding, and the unexpected plot twists creates a riveting, fascinating story.

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