Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Lord of Grass and Thunder by Curt Benjamin

When his father is murdered by magical treachery, Prince Tayyichiut watches his uncle takes over as elected Khan of the Qubal clans. But Tayyichiut remains the Khan's heir, and when he's ready, his uncle plans to turn the clans over to him. But there are those who see a different future for the Qubal. And when dark magic begins to spread its poison, only the apprentice shaman who seems fated to be Tayy's bride may be able to save him from a deadly destiny.

My opinion:
I love this author, his other books have been great. This book didn't disappoint me with its fascinating world and characters. He let the characters make decisions that affected their surroundings in various ways.
All of it made me finish the book within a day.
So my recommendation is buy it.

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