Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dark and Disorderly by Bernita Harris

Dark and DisorderlyDark and Disorderly by Bernita Harris

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Lillie St. Claire is a Talent, one of the rare few who can permanently dispatch the spirits of the dead that walk the earth. Her skills are in demand in a haunted country, where a plague of ghosts is becoming a civic nuisance.

Those skills bring her into conflict with frightened citizens who view Talents as near-demons. Her husband comes to see her as a Freak; so when Nathan dies after a car crash, she is relieved to be free of his increasingly vicious presence. Lillie expects to be haunted by Nathan's ghost, but not to become Suspect #1 for her husband's murder and reanimation.

But what's most surprising of all is the growing attraction between her and psi-crime detective John Thresher. He thinks that Lillie killed Nathan—and Nathan must agree, because his zombie is seeking revenge. Now she and Thresher must work together to solve her husband's murder—before his corpse kills her...

My impressions:
I spotted this book over at Carina Press webpage, and it caught my eye. But, it was summer and I never got around to buy it. Then, Kobo offered selected Carina press e-books for 0,99, and this was one of them. I snatched it up. Am I glad I bought it? Oh yes.

The opening line caught my attention. But what really reeled me in was the unique world. I love urban fantasy, but after awhile you get tired of the standard tropes. This book deals with the conflicts between humans and ghosts. That, combined with the riveting plot and the tension between the characters hooked me.

I will definitely read the next book in the series.

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