Sunday, April 17, 2011

Books everywhere!

I am a bibliophile, and I have two wardrobe filled with books to prove it. One at my apartment, and one at my mum's.   My mum have hinted several times that it would be nice if I did something with the books. So, this week I decided to check up Amazon.  That plan fell on the fact that they want a valid US, UK, French or German bank account. Which I don't have. So, I signed up with a swedish equivalent instead. At least until Amazon starts supporting Swedish accounts....  Anyway. Right now, it is a mix of english and Swedish books but later it will be dominated by English books.  My page at Bokbörsen. 
Note: The page is in Swedish. Sorry.

Edit: And ten minutes after I posted this I discovered Alibris.  Which, will allow me to sell used books in a plethora of stores. So, I am looking into it. 

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