Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Review: Evil Genius by Patricia Rice

Evil GeniusEvil Genius by Patricia Rice

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Particulars: Evil Genius by Patricia Rice, e-book, mystery.
The Review:

The Blurb:
Anastasia Devlin has the instincts of a chameleon, but what she really wants is to provide her siblings with the security of the home she’s been denied. Her grandfather dies and his mansion is usurped by a stranger. If murder hasn’t already been committed, she might perpetrate one herself—starting with the annoying spy in the attic. The threads of three mysteries twine together, and someone wants to cut the cord before Ana finds the answers.

My impressions:
I discovered that Patricia Rice had released a new e-book purely by coincidence. The blurb sounded interesting, so I bought it. Patricia Rice is best known for her romance novels, filled with charming characters. This one isn’t a romance, it is a mystery novel.
It is about family, and family secrets. The characters fascinated me, with their depth, secrets and humor. I especially liked that every character was there because they moved the plot forward.
As I read this book, the similarity to Jennifer Crusie struck me several times. Is it better than a Jennifer Crusie novel? Read it and decide for yourself. All I hope , is that Patricia Rice writes some more books about Ana and her family. 10 or so should be enough….

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