Saturday, July 30, 2011

Smashwords deals

Smashwords July sale ends tomorrow at midnight, so I thought I would recommend some deals I have found at Smashwords.  Some of them are part of the sale, some of them aren't. All the books is priced at 0.99, or free.

If you like fantasy and Science Fiction, check out Lazette Gifford's books. They are part of the sale, and only 0.99 right now.
Karen Chance has three short stories up for free,  all of them features characters from her Cassie Palmers series.

 Scott Nicholson offers Burial to Follow for 0.99. This is a  novella, a bit quirky,  but a really good read. Since it isn't as dark as some of his other books, it  is a good place to start.

Jana Deleon offers Trouble in Mudbug, the first book in her Mudbug series for 0.99. This a funny book, with quirky characters. This is a great price, since the other books in the series cost 3.99. Alison Kent offers  both Playing Love's odds and Love in Bloom for 0.99.
Gemma Halliday beats them. She offers the deliciously snarky Hollywood Scandals for free. I read this on the plane home, and I recommend it.  ( A review is coming... as soon as I decide the themes for the rest of the year.)

Jill Myles offers her contemporary romance novel, Wicked Games, for free.

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