Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fictionwise coupon

All right, this is just a quick heads up. Fictionwise has a 45% discount code that expires tomorrow.  ( The code is 091611)  

I bought the following books:
Cast in Shadows by Michelle Sagara ( secure Ereader)
Blood bound by Rachel Vincent  ( secure Ereader)
Forbidden Stranger by Marilyn Pappano ( secure Ereader)
Singer and St Jude by Lazette Gifford  ( Multi Format)
Not your father's horsemen  by Valerie Griswold Ford ( Multi Format)
The Darkling Band by Justin Henderson ( Multi Format)

As you can see Fictionwise have two format: Secure Ereader that only they use. I think Nook can read it, not sure though. ( If you download books in Secure Ereader, I recommend you to strip the DRM and convert them since there are rumours that BN is gradually dismantling Fictionwise.)
The Multformat is DRM free ebooks, that are available in epub, mobi, Ereader etc.    

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