Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Review: Brighid's Quest by PC Cast

The Particulars:  Fantasy, Harlequin Teen, available as e-book and in print
Source: The Library.
Grade: C

The Blurb:

Fleeing her centaur clan's increasingly militant beliefs, Brighid Dhianna has begun to find peace and acceptance among the humans of Clan MacCallan. Still, she agrees to leave her newly formed friendships to guide her clan chieftain's grieving brother home.
As she journeys, Brighid discovers that the long-dormant Shaman blood that runs so thickly in her veins will no longer be silenced. As seductive new powers begin to beckon, Brighid glimpses a future that is more impossible -- and more magical -- than any she could have dared to imagine.
But when tragedy summons her back to the Centaur Plains, Brighid must make a decision that will affect not only her friendship with the humans, but the centaur herd and indeed the world. For the Great Goddess Epona has set her on a new path that demands everything she has to give.
When the whole world is turning to her for help, healing the heart of a warrior doesn't sound so daunting . . .

The Review:

What I liked:
I read the first book in this series when it was released, but I never picked up the second book in the series. I spotted this on the library, and decided to read it.    And I am glad I did.  The world fascinated me.  I liked that there was prejudices, and that they played a part in the plot.  It was a delight to read follow Brighid’s journey, both spiritual and physical.    She is reluctant too use her gifts, but it made sense.  She uses her gift, though, but it is always to help other people.  From helping Cu heal the wounds in his soul, too making the choice to return to the Centaur Plains.  I must admit, I loved the New Fomorians, and the hope they radiated.  It was fascinating to read how Brighid gradually warmed up towards Liam, a new Fomorian boy that convice her to let him become her apprentice. Despite being male, and not Centaur.

What I didn’t like: 

Mostly I enjoyed the book, but there was a few things that irked me.  I felt that the time between Cu’s soul healing and the realisiation that he loved Brighid was too short.   The other thing was the fact that this book is fantasy for adults reissued as an YA.  I can understand it, since it has themes that is suitable for YA but it also have things that clearly makes it adult.  The last thing: If they decided to re-issue the first two books, why didn’t they make the third book a part of the deal?  ( With that epilogue, there had to be plans for a third book)

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