Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Authors I discovered in 2011:

Allyson James:  I am currently reading The Black Dragon, and so far I like it.
J.N Duncan :
I just finished Deadworld, and I loved it. I fully intend to check out the rest of her books.
Lazette Giffod:
Lazette Gifford have quickly become one of my new auto-buy authors. Well written books,  filled with action, set in interesting worlds. 

Dana Marie Bell:
I just love her books. I love the setting, the humor, and the romance. Good thing she has a big backlist.
CL Wilson: I just want to know what happens next :).
Thea Harrison: Not the most wellwritten books, but I love her voice, the world, and the characters.

Grace Burrowes: Just love her books. Which is a bit odd, since they border on 100 k long viginettes, but she somehow manage to avoid that trap. 

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