Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cleaning out my closet sale, take two

Well, the Cleaning out my Closet sale through Alibris didn't work at all. I gave up a couple of months ago, after selling zero books.  I am not surprised, honestly. My prices were realistic at around 2-5 dollar, but then Alibris added 12 dollar shipping.  Yes, I know that the Shipping costs are realistic.   I am not surprised that shoppers opted to go with US sellers, though.

Anyway. This time around I am making an attempt at selling them from here. The plan is to create bundles of paperbacks. Either from books of the same series, or different series.  Sometimes, I might add mystery bundles.
The prices will range between 15-25 dollars, including Shipping and Handling. ( Considering that a intl. shipping starts at 10 dollar...)

Does this sounds like a good idea?

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