Friday, December 09, 2011

Review: Dead Iron by Devon Monk

The particulars: Steampunk, ROC, available in print and as e-book
The Grade: A
The source: The Library
The Blurb: In some ways, Cedar Hunt seems to have been created for America's steam age. This hard-working bounty hunter possesses the guns, the savvy, and the grit to survive in this power-driven world; but he also has a major chip on his shoulder: He's a werewolf and, even worse, he's burning with guilt about the death of his brother. When he receives word that his sibling may yet survive, Cedar pulls out all the stops to get to the truth.

The Review:
This book had been on my TBR list for ages, but I couldn't afford it.So when I discovered that the library had it, I downloaded it. I didn't know until I had started reading it how much I needed to read a book without any romance. The book hooked me from the start. I am not sure what I feel in love with the most, The gritty, Western Steampunk world filled with prejudices and inventions, or the characters with their flawsand determination. I could almost hear the sound of the railroad coming closer, and the hope that the town clung to. And the Strange. I loved how the fear of the Strange were a part of the world.
I loved how Cedar struggled with his wolfside, how Rose dreamed on getting away from the small town of Halleluljah. And the Villain. Honestly, Lefel is one of the creepiest villains I have read in a long time. I think part of it is his ruthlessness, that he has a goal, and will make everything to reach it.

Normally I can find things that I didn't like, even if it are just picky things like grammar and so. But I couldn't find anything in Dead Iron. 

Oh, and this book got added to my Christmas Wishlist.   I will buy it, and I am seriously considering pre-ordering the sequel. 

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