Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January sponors

This is inspired by Dear Author's Advertiser posts.  It is a bit tongue in cheek, since I don't have paid sponsors.. 

Thank you to Singapore National library for buying Cassandra Clare, Dakota Cassidy, Harry Connelly and Allison Brennan.
Thank you to the publishers who allow libraries to buy e-books.  ( Which is fewer and fewer. sigh)
Thank you to  Amazon, for offering so many free ebooks. ( So far I have downloaded 40 free ebooks.  And yes I am picky. Mostly by authors I like or are on my To check out list.)
Thank you to Smashwords for offering so many cheap ebooks
Thank you to  Debra Webb,  Mindy Klasky,  Eve Langlais  and many, many other authors for offering cheap e-books.
Thank you to Fictionwise for offering regular discounts. 

Together you have helped me discovering new authors that I wouldn't have discovered otherwise.  So Thank you! :)

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