Thursday, March 01, 2012

Indie bargains

I reviewed Book of Shadows earlier this year,  and loved it.  If  you haven't read it, now you have your chance.  It is available for free for non US readers on Kindle, for a limited time.  So go and get it.
Alexandra Sokoloff also offers her YA novel Spaces in between for free. Worldwide.
Doesn't that cover make you want to pick it up? While you are over at Kindle, also pick up Killer instinct by Zoe Sharp. This is one of the books that have been on my To check out list for awhile, but I avoid buying from Amazon if I can. Which means I am happy right now :).

That is the crime novels. Next up is the romance novels.
Christie Craig offers Divorced Desperate and Delicious for free on both Amazon and Smashwords
 Julie Ortolon offers Falling for You for free at Amazon and Smashwords. I enjoyed Almost Perfect, and Dear Cupid is in my TBR pile. ( If an e-reader can have a tbr pile).

  And a couple of traditional publishing bargains. Harlequin have discounted For Love or Money to 0.99 at all major stores. This is a bundle containing three books by Sarah Morgan, Jane Porter and Trish Morey. I haven't read it, but at that price I am willing to take a gamble. Especially since Dear Author recommend Sarah Morgan.

And last, but not the least: This month's free read from Samhain is Private Protection by Leah Braemel. Available at Amazon, BN and Sony.

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