Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kickstarter: Miles to go/ Promises to Keep by Laura Anne Gilman

I have made no secret about the fact that I love Laura Anne Gilman's books.   So, I when I found out that she planned to Kickstart  Cosa Nostradamus stories, I was very happy.  Still, despite this, the launch took me by surprise. ( Primarily since I was offline for a couple of days.)   I pledged as soon I found out.  If you haven't read  Laura Anne Gilman, this is a great place to start.

From the Kickstarter page: 
The stories, Miles to Go and Promises to Keep, introduce Danny Hendrickson.  He's a half-breed, very very rare in the Cosa Nostradamus.  Human mother, faun father, 100% Attitude.  For the most part, he’s made his own way, first as a member of the NYPD and then – when they started looking too closely at non-humans in the force – as a private investigator, straddling the line between human and fatae in his job the way he does in his life
He has a good life, he has good friends, he makes a difference…  But he also has a dangerous life.  And sometimes – when you’re in the middle of magic -  good friends aren’t enough.
Miles to Go: It's an ordinary day, another ordinary - for Danny -  job, when he's approached by a young woman who has information he needs to solve a case.  All she wants to do is help.  When a life - or more - are on the line, it's hard to turn that down.  But the cost of that information will change Danny's life...forever.
Promises to Keep: Following up on the events of MtG, Danny has a boring snoop-and-scoop infidelity case, the kind of thing that pays the bills and keeps everyone fed.  But his new - and magical - partner sees something more in the scenario...and what she sees is deadly. To the client - and to them.

 You can read more, and pledge here. ( You are going to pledge. Right?)

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