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Review: Lady Sophia's Christmas Wish by Grace Burrrowes

The Particulars:  Historical Romance, Sourcebooks,  available as print and in e-books 
The Source: Purchased at Booksonboard

The Grade: C+
The blurb:

All Sophie Windham wants is peace, quiet and the novelty of a little solitude in the Duke of Moreland's London mansion before she joins her family for Christmas at the family seat in Kent. In the middle of a very inconvenient London snowstorm, Sophie finds herself stuck with an abandoned baby, and only the assistance of handsome stranger Vim Charpentier standing between her and complete disaster...
Vim Charpentier's worst memories are of Christmases spent with family in Kent, so when he has an excuse to tarry for a few days in London, he willingly lends a hand helping Sophie and her new little charge become acquainted. The growing attraction he shares with Sophie warms both their spirits, but when Sophie's three brothers arrive (from the East) to whisk her away, Vim has to decide between facing his memories, or letting the Christmas gift of a lifetime slip through his fingers.

The Review:
I love Grace Burrowes books, yet for a number of reasons this book remained unread, or more properly halfread, before I picked it up.
This is a sweet tale that hooked me from the start. I could almost feel the cold, winds blowing. It was fascinating to read about Sophia's adaptation to taking care of a baby boy. She was a newbie, and she admitted it. Through Vim's gentle guidance she learns how to. But, she also falls in love. With Kit, which she admits. And with Vim. Which she doesn't admit to herself.
I fell in love with the characters.  Sophia's generous heart, the way she picked up strays.  Both animals, and humans. 
Vim was everything a man should be. Generous, charming, handsome. I loved the way their romance blossomed through small touches. I also appreciated the fact that since they were alone for a big part of the book, they didn't have to hide behind facades.  
There were heart wrenching parts.  I could almost touch Sophia's loneliness, despite the fact that she have a large family.  I understands it.  When you reach a certain age, you need time to be alone.   Then there is Vim.  He really, really, doesn't want to go down to Kent.   Not just because he doesn't want to leave Sophia, but for a number of reasons. 
His upcoming departure hang between them.   And causes some heartwrenching moments.  Then there is Kit. Sophia knows she has to do the right thing, and foster Kit.  And she really doesn't want to. 
They have to fight to get their HEA. Oh, not literally, but they have to fight misunderstandings, and old wounds. And not to mention their families worry to do the right things.  
Let's just say there are not just one, but two meddling Lords in this book. 

But their HEA left me with a satisfying feeling. Which is the way a romance novel should make you feel.

So, what I didn't like. First, the setup felt... unrealistic. What likelihood is it that an duke's daughter would have been allowed to remain unchaperoned, without even a maid?
Second, this tale bordered slightly too close to being an 100 000 words viginette. I think one reason is that the conflict only comes from internal conflict, and to some degree misunderstanings. 

Except for this, I enjoyed the story. But it will never be one of my favorite Windham books. 

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