Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Desperately Wanting Wednesday: Novels without covers

Desperatly Wanting Wednesday, hosted by Parajunkee's View 

 Collared by LA Kornetsky 
Expected release date: November 2012.
A male bartender and a female entrepeneur work together, with the help of their pets, to find a missing person in this debut mystery.

Dragon Justice by Laura Anne Gilman
Release date: July 2012

 In my time with PUPI, formally known as Private, Unaffiliated Paranormal Investigations, I've seen a lot. Learned a lot. And not all of it's been good. But what we do-make people accountable for crimes committed with magic-is important work. Still. Even I need to take a break every now and again. Or so I've just been told (ordered). So hey, vacation. Maybe I'll finally figure out what's going on with the "special bond" between me and the bossman, Benjamin Venec. Venec seems to like that idea-he's invited me down to join him on a jaunt to Philly. But no sooner do I arrive in the City of Brotherly Love than we're called in to look at a dead body. And that's when life gets really complicated....

Miles to go by Laura Anne Gilman
 Expected release date: 2013 ( if the Kickstarter goes through)
 Miles to Go: It's an ordinary day, another ordinary - for Danny -  job, when he's approached by a young woman who has information he needs to solve a case.  All she wants to do is help.  When a life - or more - are on the line, it's hard to turn that down.  But the cost of that information will change Danny's life...forever.


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These are all new to me, but thanks for sharing. I'll have to check them out.

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Unknown said...

AHH! Awesome selections! I haven't heard of them yet so I will have to check them out and add them to my TBR pile!!!

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