Monday, April 09, 2012

One Positive effect of the "On My To check out list" blogposts::

I'll admit it. Part of the reason I started the series was that I felt meh about reading. But recalling all ( Or at least some) of the books that I want to read, go to the authors webpages, read the blurbs, see the covers have made me stoked to start reading again.
Some of the books will probably have to wait for a bit, since I am broke. But I am stoked to start reading the Burning Sky and Omar the Immortal, both by Joseph Robert Lewis. I long for the day when I can buy Kismet's Kiss by Cate Rowan.
And then there is all the Backlist books. Judith Tarr, Madeline Robbins, Patricia Rice that I want to check out .

Not to mention all the books I have downloaded for free. JA Konrath. Michele Lang. Julie Ortolon, Christie Craig.

It feels like my reading dry spell is over. Which is a good thing, since it means I might feel like posting reviews again.

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