Monday, April 30, 2012

Review:Mad Maria's Daughter by Patricia Rice

The Particulars: Historical Romance, Regency Reads, e-book.
The Source: Fictionwise
The Grade: B+
The Blurb:
Daphne Templeton knows society has stigmatized her because of her mad mother, so she decides to leave London and live with her Aunt Agatha in the country. On the way she's abducted by a highwayman, whom she insists see her to safety. Meeting neighbor Lord Griffin, Daphne finds him vaguely familiar and wonders at the connection between him and the highwayman. But Lord Griffin's twin is dead-isn't he?

The review

This is another book from the unread pile, or in this case folder, that I purchased months ago. It languished unread until a couple of days ago when I suddenly craved a Patricia Rice book. I had two unread historical romances and I decided to read this one.

And I am glad I did.
This book was a hoot, from the open scene to the end.
A big reason was Daphne. She knew that she was one the shelf, and she accepted it. More than that, it allowed her to be blunt, and outspoken. She argued with Evan, and Gordon. I kept wondering who she would pick: the proper Gordon, or Evan that was a rogue.

Mixed in with the romance was a good dose of mystery. The mystery propelled a lot of the plot. From Daphne's arrival to the end. I giggled when Daphne poked her nose into places a proper lady would have stayed away from. Evan and Gordon got a bit exparated at her, but she had a heart of gold. She coax the truth out of Evan and Gordon. And promptly comes up with a plan to lure out the villain.
And of course everything goes wrong. I loved how all of them got twisted into lies and part truths. There were moments of hilarity, like when Gordon's grandfather showed up. Not to mention the
arrival of Daphne's protective father and brother.

The end.. was surprising, and fitting. I felt compassion with Daphne since that must have been her worst nightmare.

So what I didn't like. Even though I admired Daphne for her courage, it sometimes felt like she stepped over the the thin line between being brave, and being reckless.

Still, I am definitely buying more of Patricia Rice regencies in the future, since this book was a blast.

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