Thursday, May 03, 2012

Review: Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal by Grace Burrowes

The Particulars: Historical Romance, Sourcebooks, available in print and as e-book
The Source: Pre-ordered at Allromance
The Grade: B
The Blurb

Maggie Windham, oldest of the Windham sisters and a by-blow from His Grace’s pre-marital wild oats, finds herself in desperate needs of an investigator to help her retrieve a missing reticule. Benjamin Hazlit knows the Windham family secrets, and can be trusted to keep them to himself, so Maggie turns to Benjamin, though it means ignoring his too-broad shoulders, his too-knowing smile… and his too-skilled kisses.

As Benjamin starts the search for Maggie’s missing purse, he realizes two things: First, whatever was in that purse, its loss has Maggie not just rattled, but terrified. Second, Benjamin will go to any lengths to see Maggie’s peace of mind restored, even if it means he must keep himself in very close proximity to the shy, secretive lady who says she wants nothing to do with him.

The Review:
After the disappointment I felt over Lady Sophia's Christmas Gift, I hesitated but I decided to purchase it. In fact, I did more than purchase it. I decided to use one of Allromance ebooks 10th for free discounts, and pre-ordered it. And l am glad it did.
This book reminded me why Grace Burrowes is on my auto buy list. It has everything I want in a good novel. Both Benjamin and Maggie are fascinating characters. None of them are intrested in waltzing around in ball rooms.
One thing that I like is that the fact that Maggie is on the shelf. She have fought for her independence, and won it. It was fascinating to see how the wall of isolation she had built around her to keep her secrets hidden came crumbling down when Benjamin started to poke his nose into her life.

Benjamin is the perfect compliment for Maggie. He is curious, strong and trustworth. It was touching to watch how he gradually coaxed out Maggie her secrets.

But what I liked the most were how tightly intervoven Benjamin's search for Maggie's purse and their romance was. Often, the mystery plot feels tacked on but not in this case. No, in this novel Benjamin's search is what propels the novel forward.
I also liked that the romance developed gradaully through the book, and that even when they have revealed the secrets to each other their path isn't easy.  

The end was touching on so many levels, and changed a lot of the family dynamics within the Windham family.
So what I didn't like.
I had a lot of trouble with believing that Benjamin could keep the fact that he was titled a secret from a big part of the Ton. Yes, he might be from Cumbria but still. I thought there were some sort of calendar that listed all eligible Lords? Or maybe I am mixing things up.

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