Friday, July 06, 2012

Friday Bargains: All about indie books

I found some gems at Smashwords. Some are part of their ongoing sale, some isn't.
Eve Silver  offers 25% of on all of her books among them is  His Dark Kiss and  Driven.  I am excited, since Driven is on my Wishlist. 

Anne Stuart offers  her historical romance novella, Under an enchantment for 1.99. 
Infact, I would recommend that you browse her agent's listings, since there are several books  that looks interesting.
Lise McClendon offers her historical mystery Sweet and Lockdown for free!
Patricia Rice offers the Marquess for 2.99 at all major bookstores.
Annette Blair has left the KDP, and offer Seascoundrel and Undeniable Rogue for free at all major bookstores.

I think I have mentioned these two before, but Doranna Durgin and Marie Force still offer Making the Rules and Maid for love as free reads. 

HP Mallory offers Fire Burn and Cauldron bubble as a free read at Smashwords, and probably BN and Amazon.
Kelly McClymer offers The Fairy tale bride for free 

Ok. One last one, that isn't indie.  Colters Promise by Maya Banks is discounted to 2.99 over the weekend.  I am crossing my fingers that it will be discounted outside the US too.  

Edit: I just discovered that Lazette Gifford is part of the Smashwords sale, with an 50% off coupon.   Just in time for me to pick up her latest SF novel.

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