Sunday, July 01, 2012

How reading e-books have changed my view on book prices

I live in Sweden, but I read a lot of fantasy in English. In fact, there is a splendid bookstore specializing in fantasy, science fiction, horror, and related other genres. I shopped there a lot. And I happily paid their prices, which ranges between 10-15 US dollar (paperbacks) and 25-30 dollar (hardcovers).
Then, I discovered the joy of internet bookstores, and the fact that they offered better prices.  But I still supported the Scifi bookstore.
Until I discovered e-books. Which meant that I suddenly pain US prices.Even without a discount, I still save almost 30 percent on e-books. With discounts, it is a lot more.   

Today I had an sudden insight.   I wanted to see if they had Thieftaker by D.B Jackson, but I was out of luck. Still, I wanted to read a new book, since I have re-read a lot recently, so I browsed the store. As I browsed the store, I realised that I am not prepared their prices on paperbacks any more.  
And, yes. Despite that insight, I left with a book. But, I do think it will be the last paperback I will purchase in a long time.  (At least by authors that are new to me. I still have some auto-buy authors I'll buy in paper.)
(And, as a twist of fate, when I came home I discovered that Booksonboard has ceased with all their discounts. I do think it is temporary, though, since the same thing happened in January. )

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