Thursday, September 06, 2012

New e-readers from Kobo

The last week, it feels like everyone is talking about Amazon's press event later today.  But Kobo was sneaky and sent out a press release this morning, revealing 2 new e-readers and one new tablet. 

 Kobo Arc:
I am not really interested in a tablet, but the Tapestry function sounds interesting.
7", Android, 199 dollar

Kobo Glo:
Just like BN, this model is frontlit.  But what I like is that according to Kobo you will be  able to adjust the light.

6", glowlight, 129 dollar

 Kobo Mini:

 It is interesting that Sony dumped their 5" model 2010, but Kobo is launching one, aimed for kids.
5", 80 dollar and just 134 g.

You can read more about the new e-readers at Kobo's blog.
( Photo source: Kobo's blog)

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