Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A sample of what I have read in November:

 I had forgotten how much fun this book is.  It pokes fun at the traditional Sword and Sorcery novels, ( f.e Dragonlance).  But it isn't just funny. It is also a lesson in courage. Yes. Jig is a coward, but he also has a lot of courage. I plan to re-read the other books in the series soon.

I discovered Holly Lisle when this book was out of print, so when she selfpublished it, I snapped it up. And... I didn't like it.  Oh, the book was well written, and the setting intrigued me, but I couldn't connect at all to Cady. I read 150 pages, or so, before giving up on it.

I liked this book more than I thought I would. It was well written, and I enjoyed seeing the Otherworld and getting to know more about the Vampires. That's said, I think I am starting to get series fatigue, since it feels like the series will never end.  And now it is starting to get to the stage for me where I have to re-read the 3 latest books, which takes away a bit of the pleasure.

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