Friday, November 30, 2012

Feed my reader friday


Enchanted Ever After by Robin D Owens:
I requested this from Netgalley, since I have a guest post by Robin D Owens scheduled in December. I got a bit annoyed when I realised that it was available in  pdf and kindle format,  but not epub.  I think I'll have to charge my old e-reader, since it is much better than my current one when it comes to pdf.  ( Not that any e-ink reader is GOOD at reading pdf. It ranges from mediocre to unreadable.)

Scandalous by Patricia Burroughs:
This ARC was unexpected, but I got very happy when I received it, since it was on my wishlist.


Farmer's Wife by Lori Handeland.
I love Lori Handeland's Luchetti novels, but I managed to miss one, or it wasn't translated to Swedish.  So I got very happy when I discovered it was free.

Aphrodite's Kiss by Julie Kenner:
Julie Kenner has been on my to check out list for awhile.

Heart of the Hunter by Lara Adrian
I read the first book in her Midnight breed series when Suvudu offered it for free, and enjoyed it. So I decided to give her another try


With all the Cyber Weeks sales, I purchased a lot of books this week, so this is just a sample.

The Cowboy takes a bride by Lori Wilde:
This is one of my few out right Amazon purchases. I waited for Allromance to drop the price, but they never did, so I got it from Amazon instead.

Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley:
I decided to buy this before the series was re-issued by Grand Central Publishing. ( Review to come)

Hammer down by Moira Rogers.
This was my least favorite, yet I am craving more in the world.  

Iloria by Moira Rogers
Well written short story. I am considering doing a series review next year, since I love this series.


Unknown said...

PDF copies are the worst on my Kindle. I can barely read the text. Let me know if you find one better. :)

Mikaela said...

Joyous Reads, if it is in landscape mode it is more or less readable, but the font is small.

Kathy, thank you for hosting it :).


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