Thursday, November 22, 2012

Five things I am thankful for

Since it is Thanksgiving in the US this week I thought I would list 5 book related things I am thankful for.

 Publishers and Authors that accept my Arc requests

I am very picky when it comes to requesting ARCs. I rarely requests ARCs from authors I haven't read before.  But I get a warm feeling when I open my e-mail and see that my request have been accepted.

That my favorite authors keeps on writing, despite the uncertainty 

I am not sure what I would do if Kari Sperring or Robin D Owens decided to stop writing.    Hopefully nothing too drastic.

That libraries exist, and are determinded to add e-books 

Sometimes It feels like there is an international epidemic when it comes to publishers resisting e-books at libraries.   But, the Big 6 is worst. Hands down.

That smaller, independent bookstores are still determinded to keep on 

This is both e-books and print.  I am scared that Booksonboard and Bookdepository will be closing within the foreseeable future.

That I have well stocked TBR file 

Which I do, I  don't need to buy any books next year. Except I will, since I want more books by my favorite authors.

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