Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Review: Faerie Blood by Angela Korra'ti

The Particulars: Urban Fantasy, Drollerie Press*, available as e-book
The Source: Fictionwise
The Grade: B-
The Blurb:
Kendis Thompson of Seattle thinks she’s as normal as the next computer geek, and up till now, she’s been right. But her world is about to turn on its ear, for she is the daughter of a Seelie Court mage and her mortal husband–and her faerie blood is awakening. Suddenly the city she’s known all her life is transforming before her eyes. Trolls haunt the bike trails. Fairies and goblins run loose in the streets. An old woman who is not what she seems and a young wanderer running from his past stand ready to defend Seattle–and Kendis–from magical assault. She will need those allies, for the power rising within her is calling her fey kin to the Emerald City to find her. And kill her.

The Review:

I bought this book on a Fictionwise sale last year, and for a number of reasons ( primarily getting a bit burned out on Urban Fantasy) I didn't read it until now. I am glad I finally read it, though.

This was an enjoyable read. When I started reading it felt like I was walking next to Kendis as she struggled to adapt to the fact that trolls, elves and magic existed. The Seattle setting was detailed and added to the feeling that I was a silent witness to the havoc that elves and magic wrought on Seattle.

As she struggled to stop the Elves, Kendis met several interesting characters. There is Christopher and his struggle with his own powers. Millicent, with her gruff facade. Elessir... with a twisted kind of honor.

The plot was fast paced and filled with unexpected twists. And I couldn't stop reading, I had to know if Kendis managed to defeat the Elves Unfortunately, after the final battle, I lost interest. I finished to book, but some of the things that happened felt both logical and over the top. ( A paradox, I know.)

Still this was a well written novel with a cast of intriguing characters, and I'll definitely read the sequel.

* Shortly after I bought the book, Drollerie closed. But the book is available in an updated edition at Amazon, BN and Smashwords. The cover is from the second edition.

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