Monday, November 12, 2012

RT Award round ups

Last week RT annouced the nominees for the RT Awards, and I thought I would post my thoughts. (And some happy dances.)

Historical Romance
My first thought: OMG what many different categories.  And, sometimes I wondered what the difference between some of the categories was.
My second thought: I have only read a handful of these authors. ( Yes, historical romance isn't my favorite genre.)

Young Adult:
I'll admit it. I haven't read any of these books, though the Jackie Morse Kessler book is on my TBR list and I have heard good things about the other books.

Science Fiction and Fantasy:

This was the category with the least subcategories, which made me a bit sad since there are so many more books that deserve to be high lighted. But, it makes sense I suppose since RT isn't a Science Fiction and Fantasy magazine.

Paranormal/ Urban Fantasy

This category had almost as many categories as the Historical Romance.  That said, the nominations in this category made me really, really happy, since several of the authors on my autobuy list are nominated.

Mystery, Suspense and Thriller

Several of the books nominated looks interesting, but again, I have only read a couple of the authors.  That said, I think it is time to read the Jaffarian freebie that I have in my Calibre library, and the Rowen book is on my wishlist.

Erotic Romance:
I rarely review erotic romance, but I love to read them. And  I was happy too see that several of the books on my wishlist is nominated.  That said, I tried to buy the Heather Rainier title from Allromance, but couldn't, which made me a bit disappointed but I'll try again.

Series romances:
I enjoy categories from time to time, and I have actually read some of the titles.  That said, having a special category just for Harlequin Series feels a bit odd, but I can understand it, since Harlequin publish a lot of books.

Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense

I had a bit of mixed feelings. Some books I have read and loved, and some books I felt meh about. But, tastes differ. That said, I have heard good things about all the books nominated, and I am itching to read them.

The last two genres ( Inspirational Romance and multicultural romance) are two genres I don't read and I am not likely to read them either.

Last but not the least: The Carreer achievment awards. 
Here the squeeing happened. It felt like all my favorite authors got nominated. Ok, not all but 6 of them, and several other authors that I have read and enjoyed.
The only thing that made me a bit sad was that both Maya Banks and Jaci Burton was nominated for Erotic Romance, since I want both of them to win.

And finally: Congratulations to the nominees, and thank you to RT for making a splendid list for me to add to my Wishlist.

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