Monday, December 10, 2012

Review: The Debutante’s Second Chance by Liz Flaherty:

The Particulars:  Contemporary Romance, Harlequin, available as e-book
The Source: Purchased at Books on Board
The Grade: B-
The Blurb:
Landy Wisdom was a survivor. Her former husband’s abuse hadn’t broken her spirit—no, she’d picked herself right up and helped run the local Underground Railroad for battered women. But when it came to love, Landy felt that the train had left the station. She’d built a wall around her heart no man could breach…until journalist Micah Walker showed up and bought the hometown newspaper.
For Micah, returning to small-town life was a culture shock. But it was more shocking to see how things had changed for the local debutante. In high school Landy had seemed untouchable. Was she still? Micah would find out, as he patiently, tenderly dismantled her defenses to reveal the warm, compassionate woman underneath.

The Review:

I read One More Summer in February, and since then I have bought Liz Flaherty’s backlist, and each book I have read, have put Liz Flaherty on my auto buy list.  This is her debut novel, and in someways it shows.  That said, I enjoyed it.

This book is about healing, about second chances, about surviving the hard knocks life throws you.Following Landy’s struggle to trust a man again as her and Micah’s relationship slowly unfolded was heart wrenching. I admired Micah for his patience, and for always being there for Landy when she needed him. 

The small town setting of Taft was quaint, but I liked how it had better and worse areas, and how coming from different sides of the town had affected both Micah and Landy.  I also liked how it was shown that not even a small town like Taft was free from domestic abuse. But, I also liked how the good sides of small towns was shown. The helpfulness, and support that runs like a red thread through the book.

The biggest problem I had with this book was that it lacked the angst I expect in a book with so many serious themes.

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