Saturday, December 29, 2012

Things I learned in 2012

Having a slight backlog of reviews help.
I hit a reading slump earlier this year, which affected my reviewing for a long time. If I had reviews I could edit and then schedule, it would have helped.

Be flexible
I try to post reviews 3 times a week, and something else at least two other days. But, sometimes life get in between ( or a hard drive crash).

Just because Blogger tells me a post hasn't been viewed,  doesn't mean it hasn't been read.

Discovering that Blogger doesn't  count views through RSS readers, unless you click on the link, made me much calmer.  Last year, I had a tendency to fret more over the number of visitors.

Sometimes, being small is good
I am happy with the size of my blog. Yes, it would be fun to have more followers, but it isn't something I am desperate to have.

Reviewing is fun
Even if I for some reason stopped blogging, I wouldn't stop reviewing. It is addicting to get notifications from Amazon that my reviews helped someone.

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