Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Three recent trends in Romance that annoys me

The 50 Shade esque covers:

 I am really, really tired of the 50 shades inspired covers. Or actually, what I am most tired of is the fact the publishers seems to not think about the fact that the cover is supposed to tell something about the book. But, I guess it is cheaper to photograph a fruit or a shoe, than arranging a photoshoot with a couple. ( Oh, and fruits makes me think about food, not romance.)
Or maybe I am just old fashioned.

The Smalltown trend:

I like contemporary romance, but I am a bit tired of the fact that lately all of them seems to be set in small towns.  Yes, I get that they are quaint, and that authors like to use them as setting since they have a lot of hidden conflicts and secrets. But guess what? That's the case for every residencial area, no matter if it is just a block or if it is a town. So, how about expanding the views and using a city or a suburb as the setting.

The Alpha Billionaire jackass trend:

 I love strong, caring Alpha males, both Doms and non-Doms.   The keyword is caring for me, since without the caring, they are just jerks.   That said, if an author shows WHY the hero is a jerk, I am much more forgiving.  If not, I'll pass. And I am unlikely to read another book by that author, unless it is an autobuy author. 

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