Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hidden Gems: The Willden triology by John H Carroll

 These are fun well, written  fantasy romps, slightly old fashioned in writing but  they are perfect for when you need to read something funny.   I reviewed the first book here. Oh, and beware: His writing is addictive.    But don't take my word for it: Rojuun, the first book in the series is free at Amazon, Smashwords and BN. 

Book 1 of The Willden Trilogy: Rumors are spreading about a new race called Rojuun. They appeared from the depths of the mountains eight hundred years ago with the intention of taking over the world. Tathan of the Shadows has been charged with learning more about them. However, he must learn more about his very unusual companions before he can succeed.

 Book 2 of the Willden Trilogy begins the adventure shortly after the events of book one. Tathan and his companions meet danger with a healthy dose of humor and irreverence during their adventure. Tales of a kidnapped princess are spreading like quick-fire and the world may go poof if something isn’t done.


Book 3 of the Willden Trilogy: The companions have a plan to return Princess Anilyia to the Kingdom of Mayncal. As with most of their plans, events happen in an entirely different way. The others begin to learn more about Tathan of the Shadows and his murky past. That past presents barriers to accomplishing their goals and they must overcome them.

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