Friday, April 05, 2013

Friday Bargains: Mostly US only

I have a bunch of good deals, but this time they are mostly US only deals. gnashes teeth

Cold Magic by Kate Elliot is discounted to 1.99... This book have been on my wishlist for ages, except I cannot buy it, since it is an US only deal. gnashes teeth

Amazon has updated their month deals, and there are some nice ones in there.
Simply Irresistible by Jill Shalvis is 1.99, and I think BN is matching it.

The Dayhunter series by Jocelynn Drake are discounted to 0.99 each right now at Amazon and BN..

Samhain offers an additional 30% off on their featured titles. ( I'll admit I held my breath, since I pre-ordered Hecate's Own last week. With my luck, it would have been a featured title. :))
Back on Track, by Donna Cummings(Strangers on a Train)
The Darkest Lullaby, by Jonathan Janz
Hard Way, by Katie PorterSlam!, By JL Merrow
King Cobra, by Jayne Rylon
Hitched, by Erin Nicholas
Fugitive Heart, by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon
That Was Yesterday, by Vella Munn 

 The Samhain coupon code:
Receive 30% off this month's featured titles with coupon code "APRILSHOWERS" (Exp. 4/30/13 Midnight EST)

I definitely plan to pick up the Donna Cummings book, and the new Jayne Rylon since the blurbs intrigue me.

Edit: BN offers 50% off on the 1000 most popular books in the Nook store this weekend. 

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