Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kobo announces Kobo Aura HD

From Kobo's webpage:

The eReader, Re-Imagined.

Kobo Aura HD is the only premium eReader, offering an unprecedented immersive reading experience for the book lover. Unlike other eReaders, Kobo Aura HD elevates the reading experience by combining the most advanced, highest resolution, extra-large screen with a book-inspired design that feels natural and comfortable to hold.

Kobo announced this yesterday, and I am drooling.  Frontlit, great screen, a lot of internal storage.  I am tempted, really tempted. And this is despite the fact that I don't need a new e-reader. I love my old one, it isn't even a year old..

Some other thoughts: I am not surprised that Kobo decides to revive the premium e-reader market, since I don't think that e-reader's can get much cheaper.   I love to be a fly on the wall when Sony finds out about this, since they have viewed themselves as the premium e-reader company.  And then there is Amazon's response to this..

It will be an intresting spring but then it always is. 

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