Monday, May 06, 2013

Hidden Gems: The Daly sisters novels by Lani Diane Rice

All Lani Diane Rich novels that I have read are good, but these two are my favorites.  Maybe because they were the first Lani Diane Rich novels that I read.

Love on the rocks, with a twist.
Flynn Daly’s a screwup. She knows it, but worse, her property tycoon dad knows it, and that’s why he sends her off to Scheintown, NY—aka, the dead center of nowhere—to manage the beautiful countryside inn the family has just inherited while he figures out what to do with it. Being a part of the family business would be bad enough, but Flynn has to deal with an insecure staff, a sexy bartender with his own agenda, and regular ghostly visits from her nutty—and very dead—Great Aunt Esther.
Crazy is as crazy loves.
Can Flynn finally find get it together and do something right? Can she uncover the mysteries that lurk behind the outward charm of the Goodhouse Arms? Or are the ghostly visits, and her undeniable attraction to the one man she should not be falling for, a sign that her life is spiraling out of control forever?

 This one, is out of print, but I think the author is working on getting the rights reverted.

 Freya Daly has always been a smart businesswoman - tough, unemotional, and a killer at negotiations. But for the last few months, she's been bursting into tears for no reason at all. Even though she's sure it must be some kind of rare eye condition, her boss (and father) removes her from her usual task of buying high-rent commercial properties in Boston, and banishes her to a rundown campground in Idaho with orders to obtain the property at any cost. Why the property is so valuable, Freya doesn't know. All alone and far from home, her rare eye condition only gets worse. The one thing that seems to help is the friendship she strikes up with Piper Brody, a little girl who shows Freya that being a kid again can be a lot of fun.

Nate Brody is a five-star chef in Cincinnati. Unfortunately, at the moment, he's not in Cincinnati - he's running his father's rundown campground in Idaho. Having made a deathbed promise to his father to find a mysterious lost item before selling the place, Nate is anxious to get back home, where his restaurant and career wait for him....though, maybe not for much longer if he doesn't get back soon.

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