Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Bargains: Sales, Sales, and even more sales

This week is filled with sales.  So I excuse in advance for your next Credit Card bill...

Diesel has discounted a whopping 9000+ e-books, in mystery, romance,  science fiction/ fantasy.  I did a quick browse, and found several books on my wishlist.

Crimson romance has discounted all their e-books to 1.99  this month, to celebrate the fact that they are 2 years old

Tantor Audio has a big 6.99 sale right now. ( I think it is US/Canada only, unfortunately)

Amazon Montlake have a sale right now.  I think titles are discounted down to 1.99 ( I cannot see the US prices, since Amazon adds Whispernet fees)

And, of course there is Smashwords July sale.  Which is a bit hard to navigate, so my recommendation is to search for authors you like, and see if they are participating.

I just found out that Kobo is offering a 30% off coupon, unlimited use,  this weekend.

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