Friday, July 12, 2013

Why I love Book View Cafe

I am not sure what caused this post. Maybe I just got tired off badly formatted books, from both publishers and indie authors? But here it is. All the reasons why I love Book View Cafe. :) 

Their books are edited, copyedited, proofread and professionally formatted

This might sound like nit picking, but books that haven't been through the publication process, from editing to proofreading drives me nuts. Because if the author don't care enough about their book to make sure it is a good as it can be, why should I pay my hard earned money?

All the books are vetted for
Since Book View Cafe is a coop for previously published authors, which means that all of them knows the need of editing. What it means to me as a reader? No need to wade through a digital slush pile to find the gems. And, yes, I know that my gems might be someoneelse dreck, and the other way around.

The books are reasonably priced
Alright. Some books might feel a bit high, but I willingly pay their prices, since I know that even backlist titles have additional costs. ( Like sending paperbacks to be scanned, proofreading, formatting, creating covers etc.)

The fact that it is a co-op
I love that they are a co-op, and that they help each other when it comes to the various aspects of publishing.

They are willing to try different price levels:
This might not be Book View Cafe, but rather the different authors. I love the fact that Book View Cafe offers authors a choice between simply lowering the price, or using coupons.

Their books are DRM free
When Book View Cafe first launched, and I found out that their books were DRM free I got happy. If I buy a book, I want to be able to read it when the mood strikes. Plus, there are the fact that e-bookstores folds or changes their DRM.



Jennifer Stevenson said...

Well, thanks! Book View Cafe loves you too!

Patricia Burroughs aka Pooks said...

I'm thrilled and proud to be a member of BVC. It's so nice to have someone notice all the work we do.

Thank you!


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