Friday, January 19, 2007

Goblin Quest by Jim C Hines

When Jig's patrol is ambushed by a group of adventurers, he does what goblins do best: throws down his weapon and surrenders.
That is how Jig's quest begin. The adventurers force him to serve as their guide through the labyrinth of tunnels beneath the mountain. Led by Prince Barius Wendelson, their goal is an ancient magical artifact, hidden here ages past.
As the group moves deeper into the tunnels, Jig finds himself face to face with creatures of goblin legend: ogres, trolls, not to mention the long-dead servants of the dreaded Necromancer, all leading to one final, deadly battle.
The story is filled with unexpected twists, and you feel for the main character Jig.
All in all, it is a refreshing take on the classical fantasy novel.
I loved it, and I look forward to the sequel that is out in March.

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