Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dragon's Eye by James Hetley.

Few things in the town of Stonefort are exactly what they seem... Take the Morgans. They've lived in this hardscrabble Maine town since time immemorial -- and this family of smugglers and thieves has been hiding its magical heritage for just as long.
And then there are the Haskells. People don't talk about it to outsiders, but there has always been a Haskell witch, caretaker of the Haskell House -- a place of refuge where no woman has ever been harmed.
But evil is coming to Stonefort. Don Antonio, a drug lord and frighteningly powerful sorcerer, covets the Morgan family's most closely guarded secret: its alliance with the magical being known as the Dragon. Now, seventeen-year-old Gary Morgan must claim his heritage and save his family.
But first he will have to master the power of the Dragon -- a task that may prove impossible without the help of the current Haskell witch. The Haskells and the Morgans must overcome their differences before a sorcerer wielding the power of the Dragon destroys them all....

I loved this book. The character is great, there are unexpected plot twist. When I finished reading it, I bought the next book.
Buy it!! It is well worth your money. Plus, I want to read more books by Mr. Hetley...

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