Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hunter's moon

Hunter's Moon (Nightcreature, #2)Hunter's Moon by Lori Handeland

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Book: Hunter’s Moon by Lori Handeland
The Particulars: Paranormal romance, St Martin’s, available both in print and e-book
Why was it in my TBR? Because I like Lori Handeland’s contemporaries.

The Review:

The blurb:

Leigh Tyler was once a kindergarten teacher with starry-eyed dreams-dreams that turned into nightmares when the biggest mistake she ever made came back to tear her world apart. Now, Leigh lives only for the hunt. Werewolves are her prey, and love is no longer an option.

Leigh has been called to Wisconsin for something big. As long as it means killing fanged and furry demons, she's up for it. But the worst is yet to come, because something stronger and smarter than the average beast is on the prowl...and it's doing Leigh's work for her. Intoxicating and intriguing, Damien Fitzgerald is making Leigh question her vow never to let another man into her bed, or her heart. Every moment with him brings forth familiar-and dangerous-urges. Urges that may prove too strong to resist. Leigh's job is a dance with death, and she has no intention of letting Damian become involved and get hurt. Especially now that she knows her enemy is watching from the forest. Waiting for her first wrong step..

My impressions:

I bought this ages ago. Read it and forgot about it. The reason that I picked it up was that I reviewed it on my blog. “ It was good. I liked it.” Since my memory told me I had felt meh about it, I decided to re-read it. ( And improve the review). Was my memory right? No. It was far from meh.

Lori Handeland have created a scarred heroine, but physically and mentally. The scars are a central part of Leigh’s character, but she refused to let them rule her life. Instead she hunts down her demons and kills them. Again and Again. At the start of the novel, this is all that matters to her. She lives a lonely life, constantly on the move.

When she is sent to Crow Valley, her life is kicked out of the rut. Suddenly, she have a trainee. And, she cannot seem to keep her hands off the local bartender.

I liked how she struggled with her past. How it kept her questioning what she saw. Questioning what she felt.
This story was rollercoaster, featuring a wounded heroine on a collision course with her past.

Highly recommended.

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