Tuesday, January 08, 2013

On my Wishlist: Fantasy

Livak is a part-time thief and full-time gambler, long accustomed to living by her wits and and narrowly avoiding serious trouble. When she attempts to sell a stolen antique to a passing merchant, she finds herself pulled into a new and dangerous world of political intrigue in which the stakes are higher than anyone involved can imagine. For the antique she has acquired dates from a particular period in the history of Einarinn about which little is known, but much has been speculated. When the truth begins to emerge, Livak decides to take the greatest gamble of her life.

I owned this, read it, enjoyed it... and traded it in ( I think). This was when I was young and stupid, and believed that books were constantly in print. ( Yeah. Not so much)  So I am planning on buying an digital copy soon.

A former priest, having left his temple and much else behind, is caught in a web of dark magic when he finds the body of a young woman who has been ritually slain.

This is a free serial right now. I have read a couple of chapters, and it is good enough that I am putting it on the wishlist

The kingdom of Everran is dying, razed by a dragon that came out of nowhere to burn its oil groves and devastate its vineyards and kill its folk. Legend says, a dragon’s coming always has a cause. Why has the dragon come? What does the dragon know? One man knows the riddle’s answer. No man knows that answer’s cost.

I have almost bought this one for a long time, and this year I will buy it.

A tale of love, war, murder, marriage, and fate.
He lurks beside the forest road, a charming, well-armed young murderer, not altogether human. She draws near, a contrary shepherdess fleeing an unwanted marriage. When he overhears her prayer for help, whispered to the Dread Hammer, he decides to grant it — and love takes him by surprise. But love soon proves a greater challenge than murder.

This blurb is intriguing, and makes me curious enough to want to buy it :)

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