Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Embarrasment of Riches Reading Challenge 2013

I didn't plan to sign up for any ( official) reading challenges this year, but then I stumbled upon this one at Patricia Burroughs blog earlier this week, just before sign up closed.  And, since I am planning to really lower my TBR* pile this year, I decided to sign up.

I signed up for the highest level, Platinum. Which puts my goal at reading 50 books from my TBR pile between Jan 1 and Dec 31 2013. Which I'll easily reach.  It is January 8 and I have already read 12 books from my TBR pile ( half of them novellas or Categories, but still). 

I'll post monthly updates on the blog :).  

* To qualify as a TBR book, it must be purchased before January 1st 2013. 

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