Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Review: Truth and Consequences by Linda Winfree


The particulars: Romantic Suspense, Samhain, available as e-book and in print.
Grade: A-
Blurb: For undercover FBI agent Jason Harding, coming face to face with the grown-up version of his adolescent dreams is a nightmare. Kathleen Palmer sees him as a despicably corrupt small-town law officer and a murder suspect. Trapped in a web of his own making, he must see his mission through to the end and bring down the crooked cops who’ve run Haynes County for decades. To do so, he must betray the only family he’s ever known and fight his growing love for Kathleen, a relationship that could get one, or both of them, killed. Determined to uncover the truth, Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent Kathleen struggles with her attraction to the one person who has awakened her since she buried her heart and emotions in her son’s tiny grave. Listening to her heart could destroy all she has left in life her career and reputation. When the truth about Jason’s identity surfaces, they both face unimaginable consequences: Jason may lose his life and Kathleen the man she loves. Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, violence.

The Review:

What I liked:
I have wanted to read Linda Winfree’s books for years, but I never got around to it. So when Samhain offered this one as a free read earlier this year, I snagged it up.   The emotions that crackled in the book made me forget everything, except what happened next.    The title sums the book up. This book is about digging for the truth, and continue to dig no matter what the consequences are.     Both of them know there will be consequences if their relationship is found out.   My heart went out to Kathleen as I watched her struggle with the fact she wanted a Haynes County cop.   It wasn’t helped by the fact that her partner warned her.    Jason struggled too.  With the uneasiness he felt around his cousin.
One major obstacle between them is the fact that Jason cannot tell Kathleen the truth. He struggles with it, but manage to not tell her.  But Kathleen is a sharp woman, and starts suspect something. Honestly, I loved, loved how Kathleen and Atlee used the FBI:s territorial instincts to have them admit that yes, they had someone on the inside. 
Also, I loved how their past created doubt inside them.  Jason being amazed that a good girl like Kathleen wanted him, a trailer park boy.    Kathleen fighting against the guilt she felt over her son’s death all those years ago.   
In the end, the love they feel for each other heals them.  As it should be.

What I didn’t like:
At first I had trouble finding things that I didn’t like, but then I realized that there were somethings I didn’t like. I didn’t like Jim Ed, he is a jerk, a bully to just name a few things. But whatmore the set up started to bug me. Oh, don’t get me wrong I know bribery is everywere if you just scrape on the surface. But it felt as if this book built on the assumption that Southern small town cops are crooked.
Despite the book’s flaws, there are enough good things in this book to get me hooked.  I’ll keep an eye out for the rest of Linda Winfree’s books.

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