Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Series review: The Desire,Ok novels by Leah Brooke

At first, I considered the books seperately, but then I started to think about why I liked the books, and changed my mind.   

For me, Leah Brooke’s novels are like crack.  They don’t have the most exciting plots, if you read more than two in a row they start to blur.  But they have other strengths.  I love the strong heroines, and their determination to get what they want.    I love the dominant, protective heroes.   I love the fact that the road is bumpy, that the heroines are sassy, and make foolish decision. 
And the sex.  It sizzles. Yet, there isn’t too many sex scenes, which I feel some authors have.  Or maybe it is the tension between the characters that pulls me on. 
I love the fact that they aren’t together all the time, that they get doubts when they are away from each other.
 The cast of other characters, helps a lot.  It is a close knit community, and the heroines is often new to the city, and to the ménage and BDSM lifestyle.  Which what all that means, both in and out of bed.   

But despite all this, the books isn’t  on my Autobuy list.  Why?   There are several reasons for that.  As I mentioned before, the plots don't change much between the books.  This is especially true when it comes to the external conflict. I have a limited amount of patience when it comes to the number times I can stand the heroines ex-husband or boyfriend showing up, and act like a jerk. A part of me understand why Ms Brooke use the trope, since it is the easy way out.  But mostly, it is because the setting is too pat. Too perfect.  395 people live in the town when the story starts.  From my experience that is 395 people with secrets.  So why don't mine them instead?  
The other things have to do with the publisher.    The covers, well, let's just say that they aren't the most professional covers.   Then there's the price. I haven't bought the latest book in the series yet, mainly because Siren want 9.99 dollar for it and bI balk at that. There are few authors I pay over 9.99 for, and at the moment Leah Brooke isn’t on that list.

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