Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review: The Highwayman by Michele Hauf

The particulars: Paranormal Romance, Silhouette Nocturne, available as e-book and in print
Source: The Library
The Grade: B
The Blurb:

Max Fitzroy, the legendary Highwayman, has slain scores of demons with a razor-lined whip and a burning need for revenge. Now, to rid himself of the demon shadow inside him—who has cursed him with immortality and stole all sensual pleasures—Max needs a witch's familiar, the one creature he's made a career of killing.

But the Highwayman isn't prepared for the familiar named Aby. The sleek and sexy conduit to the demon realm sees past his nightmarish shadow as easily as he scales the walls she's erected to protect herself. Max needs Aby to grant him his freedom, and then he needs to slay her. But how can he destroy the only creature he's desired in centuries?

The Review:

What I liked:
I loved that the main characters wasn’t one of the standard vampire/witch/ werewolf.  I am a bit tired of those.  Instead, Aby is a cat Familiar and  determined to keep her new won independent.  Max is equally determined to make change her mind.  Both positions made sense, but it was fun to follow their struggle with the attraction. There were a couple of testosterone laden meetings between Max and Severo that was fun to read. 
I liked how Ms Hauf used the belief that cat's have nine lives in the story. The flashback fitted nicely into the plot, and gave a glimpse in what had happened when Max got his demon.  Normally I don’t like flashbacks, since when they are done wrong they often drag down the plot. In general, the plot was focused on Max and his search to get rid of the demon.  The twists took me by surprise, but they made sense.    

What I didn’t like:
This might be picky, but I didn’t like Aby’s name.  I wanted to add a b while I read.  On the other hand, she shifts into an Abyssinian cat.

This was a wellwritten novel, set in an intresting world. It is a bit short, but perfect when you want something to read during a lazy day.

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