Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review: Night Echoes by Holly Lisle

Night Echoes by Holly Lisle:
The Particulars: Romantic Suspense, Onyx, out of print *
The Source: The Bookshelf
The Grade: B
The Blurb:
Artist Emma Beck returns to her southern hometown to discover the truth about her secret family history. With the help of Mike Ruhl, the contractor she's falling in love with, Emma finds that her legacy is more chilling and unexpected than she ever dreamed. Especially when she starts hearing the whispers late at night.

The Review:
What I liked about it:
I love Holly Lisle’s Suspense novels. I think it is because   This one is the best in my opinion.  It is a chilling tale about love, and reincarnation.  I was hooked from the prologue. Emma’s search to find out who her father was is intertwined with her search for what happened at the house. Bit by bit, the suspense increased and so did the sense of tragedy in the air.   Even though both Matt and Emma were attracted to each other, they fought it at a long time before giving in. I loved that they both thought their reactions to the other one were insane.  
The setting fitted the story, and I liked the way Ms Lisle used the setting to ramp up the suspense.    The end fit the story, and the two subplots were tied up with out any lose threads dangling. 

What I didn’t like:
I didn't like the fact that  sometimes it felt like misunderstandings were solved too fast, without causing any troubles between the hero and the heroine.   

*Holly Lisle is working on re-issuing them as e-books on Amazon and Kindle

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