Saturday, March 10, 2012

On My "To check out in the future list": Indie authors, part one

If I had written this post a year ago, it would have been much longer.  I am not Amazon's greatest fan, but I must thank them for their   KDP Selection program, since it have allowed me to decimate my list.   . Right now, I have Suzanne Tyrpak's Historical Mysteries, and Blake Crouch's Run, not to mention an almost complete set of Scott Nicholson's books, and a book by Zoe Sharp. And they were free ( never underestimate the power of free). ( And yes, I know, some of you are grumbling: But I don't have a Kindle. You don't need a Kindle. All you need is K4PC 1.8X ( NOT 1.9), Calibre, and certain tools. )
But there are still enough authors left to fill a blogpost.

First up,  Cate Rowan's  Kismet Kiss:

In the desert realm of Kad, a deadly epidemic strikes the palace of Sultan Kuramos. Only a magical healer from an enemy land has the skill to save his royal household, but Kuramos never imagined the healer would be a woman.
Healer Varene finds her own surprises in Kad. She expects the sultan’s arrogance, but not his courage or his selfless care of the ill—or the possibility that the epidemic is the curse of a vengeful goddess.
Kuramos’s culture condemns Varene’s mystical talents. Her presence triggers an insurrection, yet as he and the healer toil for a cure, he loses his heart to her. She falls for him as well, but how can she relinquish her homeland and her principles—especially when he already has a harem and his family may be cursed?

I love this blurb. It might be because I love stories set in deserts. Add in a dose of romance and mix in Fantasy? Definitely up my alley.

Next up on my list is Maria Schneider. I am not sure which one I would go for first, UnderWitch Moon the first novel in her Urban Fantay series:

Adriel should have known that with a werewolf, it never stopped with just one body. She would have gone to the police after witnessing Dolores' death, but she wasn't certain the killer she saw was responsible for the other murders. Besides, the police didn't believe in werewolves, and they weren't going to believe she was a witch either so what could she tell them?

She kept her eyes and ears open while she tried to help her latest client escape the clutches of a voodoo witch, but things went from bad to worse when more bodies turned up. She was greatly relieved when she met White Feather, an undercover cop. Unfortunately, he wasn't convinced she was innocent of all wrong-doing.

It was going to take every spell she knew and a few she hadn't tried to solve the murders and stay alive.

Or should I get Catch a honest thief?

An Indiana Jones-style caper across the desert of New Mexico; high-tech gadgets, a mystery and a romance.

Alexia is trying to protect the crystals that power the city of Haven. Going undercover and stealing the crystals seemed like a great idea--until a real thief showed up. Bait and switch is suddenly cat and mouse--but who is the real thief? And why is the new security chief spending so much time looking into her background?

Confessing her secret plans to protect the crystals might help the security chief narrow in on the real culprit, but it would cost Alexia her job, her freedom, and her status. Of course, if she keeps standing in the way of the real thief, it will cost her a whole lot more.

They are very different, but both of them sounds like my cup of tea.

There is more authors on my to check out list, but I decided to end this post here. 
The next post will feature steampunk novels, and Urban Fantasy :)
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