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Review: Agents under fire by Dana Marton

The Particulars: Romantic Suspense, Amazon, ebook
The source:  Freebie from Amazon.
The Grade:D

Book 1: Guardian Agent

When Gabe Cannon's commando team is tasked with bringing down a rogue soldier, he doesn't expect to come face-to-face with the target's sister at the showdown instead of the man himself.

Jasmine is trying to lead the team away from her injured brother. Recognizing one of the hunters as her teenage crush is definitely a shock to her system. To save her family, she must convince Gabe that her brother was framed. But can she stop from falling in love with him all over again?

A fast-paced, heart-pounding romantic suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Book 2: Avenging Agent

An undercover agent on a deadly mission, the last thing Jake needs is a troublesome beauty distracting him from his investigation. But something about Allison makes it impossible for him to leave her to her fate, surrounded by danger in a war-torn country.

They couldn't be more different, but soon they must rely on each other to stay alive, uncovering a diabolical plot that shakes even Jake's battle-hardened heart. Attraction grows between them as they form a tight team against their enemies. But to act on that attraction, first they have to stay alive.

Book 3: Warrior Agent

Troy Hill has been tirelessly working for months to bring down a corrupt congressman. When the man’s goons capture him and lock him up, he knows they can’t afford to leave him alive. His only chance at escape is the congressman’s new security guard, Claire Montgomery. He expects he’ll have to either manipulate her into setting him free or kill her. He doesn’t expect to fall in love with her

I picked up this when it was free on Amazon recently. My original plan was to do 3 seperate reviews, but I changed my mind  after reading it. 
I can see why Dana Marton opted to release a bundle.  The three stories are tightly interlinked.  To get out most of the stories,  you have to read them back to back. 

There were parts of this bundle that I liked, but then there were parts that I didn't like.
All the stories were filled with action, and showed the shady side of the War against Terror.   It was a refreshing change that the bad guys were American. There were no terrorist in sight.  
The plots felt solid, and well researched.  They are filled with unexpected twists, and, unfortunately, some expected.  I am sure that something similar to events mentioned in the story have happened. Which makes me so depressed, in fact.  But I will not say anything more. 
Just like the plots, the settings felt well researched. From Venice with its tourists and decaying houses.   
To Lahedeh ( I am spelling this one wrong) and the locals attitude towards Americans. Especially American women.
I must admit, that the setting I liked the least was the one in Washington. It felt dull, compared to the other settings.  I am sure that it was well described, from the Congressmans house to the river.
The heroines are have backbone of steel. They are loyal and independent.   The heroes are heroes. Macho, strong ex soldiers.

There were several things that annyoed me.  Even though the plots were packed with action, it became predictable at times, especially in the last book.   I think that I had the most trouble with the last book, since it required much more  suspension of disbelief than the other books.
I might have been able to live with the predictability, but I could not live with the romance.   To me the romance subplots felt like they were swallowed by the action.  I missed the standard  patterns  when it comes to romance: Meeting, denial of the attraction and accepetance. 
I think a lot of the annoyance stemmed from the fact that the book was 136 pages long, in total. ( At least my Calibre converted copy was).  
I would have been much happier if each book had been say, 120 pages long, since that would have allowed for more depth.


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