Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Book Recommendation: Powers by James A Burton

Albert Johannson lives off the grid. He's forgotten more than he remembers about his past, but those snippets he's retained tell him two things: he's lived a long, looong time and he doesn't trust anyone, particularly gods. He's not any too fond of demons either, particularly the one that materializes in his kitchen wanting to hire him for a special mission. It's as deadly to cross a demon as to deal with him, so Albert reluctantly agrees to investigate, putting him in the path of a prickly arson detective named Melissa el Hajj with trust issues of her own. Clashing at a crime scene, they uncover a broken seal that seems ancient enough to have been forged by Solomon himself. The seal cries out to Albert that he must mend it or something dark and dire will happen. Albert, who has a special affinity for metal, must first discover exactly what that will do to his kind - and he's only just beginning to understand who and what he really is.

I actually squeed when I discovered this book. I *love* James A Burton's books. ( Or rather, I love James Hetley's books, but they are the same person. )   This one is out in May according to Amazon, and in July  according to Book Depository and BN. I encourage you to pre-order it.  If you haven't read James Hetley, he has a novelette available on Smashwords.  Or you can try to get hold of his print books from a used book store.

Pre-order in at: Amazon, BN, Book Depository

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