Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review: The Mistress of Trevelyan by Jennifer St Giles

The Particulars: Historical Romance, re-issued backlist, available as e-book.
The Source: Amazon Freebie
The Grade: B+
The Blurb:
In 1873 San Francisco, spirited Ann Lovell takes a position no one else dares -- as governess to the motherless sons of the enigmatic Benedict Trevelyan. It has long been whispered that Trevelyan Manor hides dark secrets and sinister deeds -- including the murder of Benedict's wife. But Ann refuses to pay heed to spiteful rumor.
As she grows to cherish her young charges, Ann also finds herself powerfully drawn to the handsome Benedict, whose passionate persuasion introduces her to a new world of sensual pleasures. But even while falling in love with the master of Trevelyan, Ann wonders if his attentions are intended to blind her to the secrets of the past -- and if Benedict holds he key to her destiny...or her destruction.
The Review: 

This is another author that I have been curious about for awhile. When she offered it for free at Amazon, I decided to take the chance. And I am glad that I did.
This was an highly enjoyable historical romance. At times it felt like I was transported back to San Francisco anno 1873. From Ann's reverence of books, to her struggle to remain proper, to the fashion styles.
But, most of all I loved the interactions between Ann and the Trevelyan family. From the moment she knocks on the door , convincing Benedict Trevelyan to hire her ( despite her lack of experience) to the last unexpected twist, Ann is open hearted and curious. I loved her patience with Robert and Justin, her struggle to over come her fear towards horses.
And then there is the romance. Oh my. I enjoyed their struggle against the attraction, and Ann's determined attempt to keep the properity.

But, there are secrrets in Trevelyan Manor. Of course. I enjoyed Ann's curiosity about what had happened to Francesca almost as much as I enjoyed the romance.
The past affects the household, and it obstruct Ann's and Benedict's happiness.

So, what I didn't like. First, there were some formatting issues. Very minor, but I got a bit tired of them after a while.
The more major part, were that I liked the story fine. Until they became lovers. It felt... a bit predictable, and a bit against character.

Still, I am glad I downloaded it and I plan to purchase the next book in the series ( or download it as a freebie if Jennifer St Giles remains in KDP.)

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