Wednesday, April 04, 2012

What I have read recently

I have read a mixed bag of books recently. Everything from Fantasy, to Historical Romance. ( Note: This do not list my re-reads. Just new books)

Jimgrim by Talbot Mundy: This is a public domain book that I downloaded from Mobileread. The blurb sounded interesting, and I figured I had nothing to lose.  I enjoyed it, but took awhile before I got used to the writing style. Also, I recommend that you read the first book in the series before this one. ( There is 10 books or something, and this is the last one.)

This is another public domain book that I downloaded from Mobileread.This was a DNF. I gave up after 50 pages, or something.  There were action in it, quite a lot but it felt slow, and slightly confusing.   It was too slow, and too wordy. 
I am not sure if I'll ever finish it.  Maybe. A big maybe.

I have another Talbot Mundy book that I plan to read before giving up on him. 

 This is one of the Unread books in my  Calibre library. I was in the mood for fantasy, and decided to give it a try..  I got 30 pages, and put it down.  The writing was decent, but I couldn't stomach the child sacrifices.  
I am unlikely to ever finish this one, but you shall never say never.


After all those meh books, I decided to read Lady Sophia's Christmas wish by Grace Burrowes. Only to discover that this was also a meh book.  At least compared to the other books by Grace Burrowes.  It is  an sweet, and charming book. But it isn't one of her best.


 The Virtuoso restored my faith in Grace Burrowes.  I loved this book, and I am glad I read it after Lady Sophia's Christmas Wish.  If I hadn't I am not sure I would have purchased the next Wyndham novel. ( Yes, I was that disappointed by Lady Sophia's Christmas Wish.)

This was another unread book, that I decided to give a try. The mystery was decent, but  it was too wordy for my taste. The author ended up in my " Do not by" category when I discovered that she had added 200 (!) pages of excepts to the book. Yeah.

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